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About Me

About Joseph | JBJ Founder

We specialize in making custom
work for Interior Architecture, Ephemeral Installations and Product Design, Graphic Design, Product Photography all unique environments
for visionary clients seeking for Artistic and Affordable prices.

Our team of Architects, Interior Designers, Industrial Designers and Illustrators have extensive experience and broad theoretical knowledges of retail, workspaces, hospitality and exhibitions. 

This knowledge allow ensure customer satisfaction. We work beyond the expected results, finding the most innovative and creative solutions for those looking to make a difference. The simplicity, detailed and timeless design makes our products recognizable, close and easy to
use for the consumer. We turn every project into a success story.
We work with a variety of companies in different business areas, allowing us to provide flexibility and efficiency in each project and get a fresh new vision of any company, product or brand.

JBJ Concept creating dynamic and eye catching design from concept through execution. We skilled with many facets of the overall creative process. Forward thinkers who bring a broad perspective to brand and promotion development. Highly skilled in building client relationships and developing design solutions that bring their vision to life in a fresh and compelling way.”

JBJ Founder | Main Designer